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couple counselling'Emotional Insights' main service is the delivery of face-to-face Relationship counselling work with couples, or with individuals and in different contexts with groups.  Counselling is delivered with a unique, emotional focus.

Psycho-sexual therapy and relationship counselling are available in Northampton. Information about this is on the next page. 

Anger management is another face-to-face service that we specialise in, adjusting the focus as required, and in many cases utilising "emotional regulation", rather than purely anger management techniques.

For people needing expert help from afar, an email counselling service is also now available.

The other work that Emotional Insights undertakes is commissioned for groups of people and  their particular needs. This may involve the unique presentation of Emotional Insights, or the delivery of specialist focus work for example on Multiple Sclerosis, menopause, sexual problems, including the affects of prostate problems on the intimate relationship. The impact of Autism and related conditions on families and individuals is another area of specialism. 

In day and evening seminars Emotional Insights brings professionals and others a much greater understanding about many aspects of BASIC and the secondary / discrete emotions which evolve from these basic emotions.

In the context of domestic abuse Emotional Insights brings to counselling professionals a specific and detailed way of interviewing and assessing domestic abusers to determine if it is safe and advisable to work with them, as an individual or as part of a couple relationship. Risk assessments utilising a variety of models can be carried out for the courts or for social services.

Emotional Insights has devised a way of integrating much of the new research on emotions into a very useful and easily comprehendable framework. This work provides an enormous leap forward for the "beginner" - and it is an area about which nearly all professionals are really still  beginners -  for the "old pros" it provides a framework for you to easily "hold" and "predict" the likely emotively reactive patterns in people, and help your clients to understand themselves, too. 

You will need to know who I am, and how I came to be doing this; that's on the next page.


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