Who can benefit from counselling?

couple counsellingRelationship counselling - Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out problems between the two of you; life can present you with all sorts of challenges and this is when it can be useful to have an independent third person to talk to.  It can be hard to focus on what's good in your relationship when a seemingly stubborn obstacle gets in the way of you finding a way forward together, and that's where counselling can help.The confidential counselling that the Emotional Insights team offer will effectively help you both understand how you've arrived in this place and help you to develop coping strategies that can improve the relationship.

Sometimes relationships come to an end, but even then counselling can be useful in helping you come to terms with the loss of the relationship and, if you are parents, how to remain on good terms, and in contact  with the whole family.

Anyone in a relationship can access this service.

individual counsellingIndividual counselling -  It isn't  always easy to get a partner to come for counselling so you can come to counselling on your own if you  wish. You may not be in a relationship, or find it difficult to form intimate relationships, or you may be thinking of embarking on another relationship but have some issues you want to talk about before hand; Emotional Insights is here for you too.

Problems at work can impact on the individual and dealing with these on your own can sometimes be a little overwhelming and life can preet you with unexepected problems which disrupt your emotions, talking to a counsellor can help you grow and find new ways of approaching these problems.

Psycho-sexual therapy  - Most people in healthy, respectful and loving relationships enjoy their sex life and for many it is a really important part of their relationship. But even in the most loving of relationships problems with sex can occur from time to time. There are many reasons that this can happen, both physical and emotional. Emotional Insights sex therapists will work with individuals or couples to help them overcome their sexual difficulty, whatever it is. As with all our services this is confidential. Before embarking on a programme of sex therapy, the therapist will assess what has contributed to the difficulties and then design a programme for you (if appropriate - if not they will recommend another service to you).

Family  counselling -  Almost every family will have arguments, falling outs or strong words from time to time, these are often easily sorted out but sometimes they just fester and get worse. Sometimes families hold 'grudges' and family feuds can be passed down through the generations, all of which is distressing for all involved. Emotional Insights family counselling looks at the whole family as a system that may need to make some adjustments so that the 'family' becomes a comfortable and safe place to express emotions, needs and wants. Working together as a team produces benefits for all. Not all family members need to be present for each counselling session, but the counsellor may invite other family members to come along if it will benefit the outcome of counselling.


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